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Type of Laces for Wedding Dresses

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Whether you are a DIY bride and want to sew your own dress or you want to purchase a bridal dress made of lace it is important you know all the different types of laces.

Lace is a delicate fabric. It is usually made of natural materials like cotton, silk, wool or viscose. Depending on a type, lace ranges from lightweight to heavy and the cost of it follows. Among the most popular designs are floral, botanical and geometric. When sewing clothes, lace can be used as the main material or for decoration.

Below you can find the most popular lace types.

Chantilly lace. The name of lace came from French city Chantilly. It is a type of lightweight lace (30-180 g/m 2) on a net background, usually with a floral pattern, outlined with silk threads. This type of lace is a timeless classic. Sheer or semi-sheer, with scalloped edges, it is perfect for bridal dresses.

Guipure lace is a heavy type of lace (70-400 g/m 2). It does not have a net background like Chantilly lace, elements of guipure lace are connected with braids. It’s a great choice for casual and evening dresses, blouses, skirts, jackets and outwear.

Lyon lace is a type of lace made of pure cotton with the weight of 90-150 g/m 2. This lace has a complex pattern, woven on a lightweight tulle and outlined with a cord thread. It is produced on the original looms, which remained from the 19th century. Perfect for a wedding dress.

Corded lace is a type of lace outlined with a soutache cord, which creates a volumetric effect. The weight is 45-185 g/m 2. Choose it for a wedding or evening dress, for decorating of any attire or as overlay material.

Embroidered lace: The weight is 100-550 g/m 2. Lots of beads, sequins, crystals, ribbons, satin stitch embroidery and more create a festive look. It is extremely popular for fashioning haute couture gowns. Ideal for bridal gowns.

Lace applique is a piece of openwork material. The weight depends on a décor, with beads and bugles it can have the same weight as embroidered lace.

Have you chosen you favorite lace or not yet?

Good luck with deciding!

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