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Meet Silk for your Wedding Dress

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

For over 5000 years silk has been referred to as the queen of fibers. It is the ultimate luxurious

fabric, both in look and feels and that’s why there is no fabric so loved as silk. Silk is a natural

fiber known for its luster, shine, strength, and durability, and it has a long trading history

across the world. In this article, we tell you all the important things you need to know about silk

and more!

How is silk made?

Silk is the fine thread with which a silkworm spins its cocoon. The cocoon exists out of one

long thread. Before the cocoon is opened again by the larvae (to become a silk moth) they

are gathered and boiled. The thread from the cocoon will be unrevealed and together with

other cocoon threads, it will make one silk thread.

What are the pros of silk fabric?

  • Silk is known for its beautiful drape and absorbent nature, along with other positive factors.

  • Silk is incredibly soft with a flattering sheen, giving it a high-end and luxurious appeal.

  • Due to the structure of the strands, silk is a breathable material. It is hollow through the center of the fiber, meaning air can pass through it. 

  • For a fabric so thin and lightweight, it is extremely strong. Silk thread is so strong that it’s four times tougher than steel thread of the same thickness. 

  • Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and will help your skin stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market.

  • Silk is a natural material that is very biodegradable. A biodegradable fabric is a fabric that can be broken down by bacteria alone over time.

  • Silk is hypoallergenic, and thus a great choice of fabric for those with asthma, allergies, or sensitive skin. 

How to take care of silk?

Silk is the most delicate type of material commonly used to make clothing. Unlike other

materials such as cotton, which is much more forgiving when it comes to laundering and

fabric care, silk is particularly susceptible to stains and damage from heat and light. Because

this anti-bacterial material naturally breaks away mites, dust and other particles, it doesn’t

need to be washed as often as other materials. A good tip is also to steam the garment to

freshen it up quickly. Steamers do not just take away creases, but also kill off bacteria. Avoid

exposing silk to alcohol-based products like perfume and hairspray. In addition, do not

expose silk to direct sunlight. Long bursts of sun rays can cause discoloration or even

damage the fabric. Last but not least, whether you can wash the garment with water or not

depends on the type of silk fabric and garment. Sometimes the laundry advice says, “dry

clean only”.

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