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The Pros of A Silk Wedding Gown

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Your wedding dress fabric plays a major role when it comes to finding a gown that’s just right for you. The type of fabric can affect your wedding dress silhouette. One thing that is common amongst a majority of brides is choosing a silk wedding dress. Silk is the gold standard of wedding dress fabrics and achieves a look that is more than worth its price tag.

Silk is a noble textile with rich and magical history. Silk is the most luxurious of fabrics, made entirely of natural fibres. Now, there are many different types of silk to choose from. Depending on how the silk is woven, its appearance ranges from highly structured and stiff to light-as-air and flowy.

-Silk chiffon: a sheer and elegant fabric with a texture similar to crepe.

-Silk Satin: one of the most traditional bridal dress fabrics, often chosen for a bride’s big day due to its luminous sheen.

-Silk Georgette: a sheer, floaty fabric with a crepe texture and a matte finish.

-Silk Organza: sheer, thin, plain weave fabric made from silk.

Silk both cools and warms simultaneously. It is breathable, so it's great for summer or tropical destination weddings but has thermal regulation properties with surprising insulation for winter weddings too. It’s not only comfortable but also the strongest, most flexible fiber there is. Despite of its delicate appearance, silk is relatively robust and easily bounces back to its original shape and shine with a bit of attention. It is simply astoundingly beautiful and so soft, and comfortable to wear. And if your dress is made from this magical fabric – you will not want to take it off!


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