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Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Accessories

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Now that you have a wedding dress that makes you feel like a queen, it's time to put the finishing touches on your wedding day look -- that means finding the right accessories to complement it. Trust your instincts, pick what you like, and follow our tips, and you’ll have a wedding day look you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

Stay true to your style

On your wedding day, you want to look like a princess but, you also want to look like yourself. You know what works and what you feel most confident in, so let that be a baseline for your wedding look. You can also think back on outfits you’ve worn and loved for other formal occasions—such as other people’s weddings—and pick jewelry pieces in a similar vein.

Less is more

Accessories add a unique touch to your look—which we love—but one too many can be downright distracting. Before you start buying, take an inventory of your gown's standout features and then base your choices around them. Jewelry should not take attention away from your wedding dress. Both gown and jewels need to complement each other. You've got to blend it all together.

Choose a veil or a cape

If you're getting married in the autumn or winter, you have one extra bridal accessory to think about: a cover-up. If you have a simple dress a chic cape could add a little flair to it and keep you warm at the same time. You'll also want your veil to match the exact shade of your gown. And of course, if you choose a veil with appliqués or a lot of texture or embellishment, play it a little more simple with your jewelry.

Consider your neckline

Your wedding jewelry should act as an accent to your wedding dress and highlight it in scale. It should never overpower your dress. Choosing the right size of jewelry will enhance your bridal look. Don't choose jewelry that's too small and gets unnoticed. No matter the neckline, if you want to wear a necklace, it should sit on your skin, not the dress, if there is skin showing.

Trust yourself

Last but not least, always trust yourself when buying jewelry for your wedding. Although it's a special day, don't stray too far from your normal style. It's important to take the time to choose jewelry pieces you love. Don't select your jewelry to please someone else. The goal is to look and feel like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self.

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