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The Types of Bridal Headpieces

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Few things are more exciting than choosing your extravagant bridal gown and wedding accessories for your wedding day. One of the hardest decisions for many brides is what type of bridal headpiece to wear for your wedding. Such an accessory can lift your wedding look into something that is completely personal and unique to you and you alone. Here are some types of bridal headpieces that will make you feel like a princess on your special day.


Many brides are unsure wh

ether they want to stick with this tradition or not. However if you've opted for a traditional A-Line or ballgown wedding dress, traditional accessories are the perfect match. Modern wedding veils are designed with a variety of lightweight fabrics and finishes in mind, and, with a choice of lengths and options for different positioning, there are limitless combinations and styles to choose from.


Brides looking for the fairytale finish need look no further than a simple yet stunning tiara. You can wear these alone or with a

veil, and whether you hair is up or down. Not only is tiara versatile, but there's no better way to complete the princess look!


Easy to wear. Practical.

Stunning. Wedding headbands can be highly decorative with floral designs, feature vintage elements or embrace minimalism. They can be worn to keep your hair out of your face if you wear your hair down, or provide a subdued crown look with an updo style. Headbands are also a flattering choice for brides with short hair that might not be able to wear many of the other types of bridal headpieces.

Head chain

Beachy bohemian brides with long floaty wedding gowns or vintage-inspired dresses need a suitably alternative headpiece to add the perfect finishing touch. Look to floral headpieces inspired by nature, or delicate head chains for the ultimate in boho-luxe bridal accessories

We hope you now know how to choose a bridal headpiece and have lots of fun in the process of picking one out for yourself. Just remember, carefully chosen wedding accessories will make your wedding ‘look’ personal to you.

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