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Plus size wedding dress - All you need to know

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

No matter your size or shape, your wedding dress should make you feel beautiful and confident. All eyes will be on you after all—as they should be! But, this means that shopping for your dream dress can be overwhelming—especially when it comes to finding the right silhouette and complete bridal look. The landscape of plus size bridal, much like the rest of the fashion industry, has changed radically over the last few years with more diversity in styles. Finding your dream wedding dress takes a bit of trial and error for brides of all sizes. From additional structure, incredible fits, contouring details, and customization options, these intentional details are bound to make your bridal dreams come true. You'll want to find an unforgettable gown that celebrates your curves and reflects your unique sense of style—no pressure!

Here are some tips for you:

⦁ Firstly, there are no “rules” when it comes to plus-size bridal apart from it fitting you, literally and emotionally, so dress however you see fit. Go for the tight bodycon lace dress, or a ballgown with a cloud of tulle or something sexy and slinky—just make sure it’s unapologetically you and suits the nuptials you have planned.

⦁ Additionally, when it comes to wedding dress shopping, you'll want to find a style that flatters your figure while spotlighting your favorite assets. But don’t forget that suggestions on the most flattering dresses for each body type are just that, suggestions! 

⦁ The internet is a great place to start looking and get ideas, just try not to fall into the trap of comparing your body to the models. 

⦁ Indeed, doing a bit of research can go a long way in avoiding uncomfortable situations when shopping for your big day. Make sure when you do email or call to give them your clothing size to let you know if they have dress options for you. 

⦁ Don’t focus on your dress size! “Keep in mind that bridal sizing may not match up with the size you most often find yourself wearing.

⦁ Equally important is to what’s underneath your gown. Give also some thought about other details you’d like on your wedding day, like your hairstyle and your wedding shoes!

⦁ Seriously, don’t be afraid to ask for the dress of your dreams. Remember that this is all about celebrating the love between you and your future spouse. Make dress shopping and fittings a festive and happy occasion. Get glam and enjoy these special moments. You deserve to feel gorgeous, loved, and celebrated throughout this process.  

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