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Slip dress trend and when to wear it

A minimalist and flirty garment, a slip dress is a timeless piece versatile enough to wear for a more formal occasion or street style looks. The best slip dresses are minimalist by design—they were most famously donned in the ’90s, after all—and made to flatter any silhouette. One of the key reasons slip dresses keep coming back into fashion is comfort. Slip dresses are extremely comfortable while also looking exceptionally chic.

What Is a Slip Dress?

A slip dress is a lightweight dress with spaghetti straps that resembles a slip, an undergarment worn under dresses as an extra layer. Sewn in luxe fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, or linen, slip dresses feature a low-cut neckline, like a V-neck or square neck, and vary in length. They’re often cut on a bias and have a slit. Slip dresses can range from mini dresses to maxis and everything in between. They’re sexy and slinky and feel very feminine.

Wedding Look

A satin or silk slip dress is a timeless outfit for a spring or summer wedding. Opt for a midi or maxi slip dress for a formal wedding, and consider a dress with a colorful pattern, such as a floral print slip dress.

Casual Look

You can wear a slip dress and for a more casual, everyday look. There are a few ways to dress down a simple slip dress. From adding a denim jacket, or throwing a sweater over it and treating it like a skirt. You can also add a little white tee or thin turtleneck under a slip-dress.

At work

A slip silky dress can be appropriate for the office when done right. Just you have to make sure that your slip dress isn’t too body-hugging, sexy, or short.

Party Look

A simple black dress and patterned shoes are a perfect and stylish outfit for a night out or a party. You can also slip on some heels and add some sparkling jewelry. No matter how you style it, a slip dress is sure to turn heads.

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