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Size 6-10 US


This feminine art bustier combines the past and the present. It is inspired from 18th century on the textile design looking like an oil painting while it has a feminine cut and lace up back closing shaping softly the body by adjusting the straps.It is a smart bustier corset that can be wore in several different formal occasions. Wear this smart bustier corset as a stunning bridal top or to any formal occasion for a timeless and elegant look. Whether paired with a full skirt or sleek trousers, this Flower Blossom Bustier is sure to make a statement

Oil painting jacquard of high quality
Strapless bustier
Comfortable no hard wires
Lace up back closing
Adjustable size

For size reference please refer to the listing size table.
Every dress can be customized to your exact measurements, just send your measures showed in the listing directions adding your heels height.

Size 6-10 Flower Blossom Bustier

CHF 200.00Price
  • 1. We can simply discuss design changes on the current collection we own to come to the desired look. Assume we need 7 weeks from order to delivery.
    2. We can see any possible design you like or you have already drawn and we can check feasibility & fabric options to provide a cost estimation for. Assume we need 8 weeks from order to delivery.
    ​3. We can start together from scratch. You can share with us a photo of your body type, the concept you have thought for your wedding and we can provide a tailored design for you. Then we can check for fabrics and provide a cost estimation to discuss together. Assume that we need to have at least 10 weeks before the big day to make sure there is available time for all the handmade process.

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