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Size 8


A luxurious handmade luxury boho skirt made of high quality embroidered chiffon with silk tassels and hidden zipper that gives the long skirt effect but also the short skirt effect revealing the legs on the movement. Exotic, ethereal, feminine, luxurious.

Embroidered chiffon
Hidden back zipper on skirt
Long silk tassels
Floor length total skirt

Size 8 EXOTIC wedding dress

SKU: Exotic
CHF 400.00Price
  • 1. We can simply discuss design changes on the current collection we own to come to the desired look. Assume we need 7 weeks from order to delivery.
    2. We can see any possible design you like or you have already drawn and we can check feasibility & fabric options to provide a cost estimation for. Assume we need 8 weeks from order to delivery.
    ​3. We can start together from scratch. You can share with us a photo of your body type, the concept you have thought for your wedding and we can provide a tailored design for you. Then we can check for fabrics and provide a cost estimation to discuss together. Assume that we need to have at least 10 weeks before the big day to make sure there is available time for all the handmade process.

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