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Choosing the perfect bridal lingerie

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Need some advice on what to wear under the gown on the big day? We've got you covered!

The wrong wedding lingerie can totally ruin the look of your gorgeous wedding gown. Shopping for bras and undergarments might not be as exciting as finding your dream dress, but don't overlook the importance of these foundation pieces. Bridal lingerie can be tricky but when selected correctly will enable you to wear your dream dress with confidence. Here’s your personal guide to bridal lingerie.

Get your bra properly fitted

Our bodies' size and shape change throughout our lives and wearing a perfect-fitting bra will not only complement your outfit but will also be comfortable to wear and create a smooth silhouette. Once you’ve got your current measurements try on lots of options.

It’s not all about ivory

You should consider different color palettes. Wedding gowns don’t have to be white or ivory, and neither does your lingerie. Obviously, if you don’t want your underwear to get noticed, then stick to nudes and neutrals.

Try it on early

Identify any potential problems well in advance, and break in corsets and shapewear ahead of time. We recommend trying on your dress and chosen underwear in different settings – especially if it’s semi-sheer.

Mind Your Cleavage

Keep your neckline in mind when choosing what type of bridal lingerie to shop for. If your gown is strapless, consider a strapless corset or bustier. If your gown has a plunging neckline, you’ll need something that also has a low neckline, otherwise, it may peek through!


An additional option in bridal lingerie that a bride can select is sleepwear. Sleepwear includes nightgowns, pyjamas, and loungewear.

Have Fun

Possibly the most important tip to remember is to ENJOY shopping for your wedding! Whether it’s your dream dress, deciding what to wear on your wedding night, or another aspect of your celebration, never forget that you’re supposed to be CELEBRATING! Let yourself have fun with it!


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