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Ideas for Wedding Guests in Summer

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Wedding season is upon us! This means you'll need fresh and summer-ready dresses to wear to all of your upcoming nuptials. Dressing for a summer wedding can be a tricky business. Along with the warm weather, there’s also the venue, the theme, and the dress code to consider before you can even plan your outfit! Luckily, the options for summer wedding guest outfits are endless and endlessly stylish.

Here are some ideas:

Bold colors and patterns

You can opt for a bright color or a bold print, especially for a summer 2022 wedding. It’s a good idea for a change to go a little less traditional and have more fun with fashion. Bright colors and patterns are a really fun and practical choice for the summer.

Short dresses/Jumpsuits

Short dresses in bright colors and floral patterns are always a fun and practical choice for this sun-filled season. Not sure if you want to wear a dress? You totally don't have to! Jumpsuits and separates are perfect for summer celebrations and can be worn to anything from a casual ceremony to a black-tie bash.

Light fabrics

If you're attending a summer wedding, it's wise to shop for dresses made from breathable and comfortable fabrics like linen and cotton. These lightweight fabrics will keep you cool and work for every type of dress code. When it comes to silhouettes, mini, midi, and tea-length dresses are ideal for warm-weather nuptials and work especially well for beach and garden venues.

Follow the dress code

Following a wedding’s dress code is essential to dressing appropriately for the occasion. Found on the invitation, the dress code will decree what style and length of dress you should wear. For example, cocktail attire calls for a party dress that finishes above the knee while black-tie occasions are suited to floor-length gowns.


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