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What makes you seductive?

Have you ever thought of what makes a person more attractive than another and let’s assume they are both good looking? I will tell you. It is the silent storytelling of seduction, the moves, the words, the humour, the character, the smell, the untold…! And it is this confidence that acts like a magnet…


This is what I try to figure out whenever I speak to a bride to be. This thought is in my head, until I feel in peace with her final handmade piece. I want to break down her codes of attraction and design a dress that maximises this untold power of seduction. Only in this way she will be shining in her big day, BUT in her own uniqueness… not just in my own inspiration as a designer. Well, for some designers this is like killing their creativity, but for me it’s inspiration! I definitely don’t feel that I kill my talent, on the contrary, I use it for one of a kind creations that will never be exactly the same again, as no person is the same with another one. And how do I know? From her eyes when she tries on her dress for the first time… if I feel this confidence… this is it! 💗 👗 💗


And although most of the dresses we make with the team in the atelier are bespoke, I also create some collections. This dress is part of this untold seduction I had in my mind for some time… I am inspired from the freedom and confidence of hippies in 70s with a stardust of luxury using whimsical beaded tulle! And I can see this confidence I was telling you about… in this real model… Anastasia. Can you?


Does this give any inspiration for your big day? If yes, I would love to create visual storytelling for you thru custom bridal design or special occasion dress!

Let’s connect to imagine your points of attraction and leave the audience speechless! That’s the vision!


With love!


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