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Wedding make-up tips

Your wedding is quite possibly the most photographed day of your life. And, of course, whether you wear makeup every day or prefer a fresh-faced look, choosing your wedding makeup is one of the biggest decisions when it comes to planning your day. As far as makeup goes, we’re almost positive you’d want to avoid as many blunders as possible, so we have gathered for you some useful tips!

Pick a look you're comfortable with

Wedding makeup is one area of beauty that’s not particularly trend-led so don’t feel you have to buy into all the latest beauty looks just because they’re the style of the moment. Your wedding day is not the time to try new things, so stick to products that you already know work well on your skin, especially when it comes to your foundation

Take your wedding season into consideration

If you throw a winter wedding you might want a foundation that won’t look too dry or flat. If it’s summer you don’t want anything that gets too shiny too fast. If your wedding takes place from daytime to nighttime, opt for something long-wearing.

Start early with skin prep

Now is the moment to start taking care of your skin the way you should have been doing all along. We recommend that you start getting frequent facials to improve the texture of the face and provide the ideal canvas for applying cosmetics. Stop getting extractions a month before the event to avoid any lingering discomfort.

Give yourself time

Weeks, if not months before your wedding day, you should start practicing your makeup to determine what you like and don’t like and adjust as needed. It will help you narrow down what look you want to go for and choose products that you know will last throughout the day.

Choose your wedding lipstick wisely

With all the kissing, drinking and snacking you’ll (hopefully) be doing on your big day, you’ll definitely need to reapply your lipstick regularly, so take this into consideration when choosing your wedding lipstick. Try and pick a lipstick you know you love!

Highlight your best features

Highlighting is one of the most critical parts of any makeup look. It can make you look more awake and youthful. One of the easiest things to highlight is your brow bone. Also, highlighting your cupid’s bow will help create the illusion of fuller lips. Eye shadow highlighting can make your eyes sparkle and pop!

Stay hydrated before the big day

This beauty tip is one to follow all year round, but it's even more important as your wedding day approaches. Hydrated skin will allow for the best application of makeup.

Use waterproof mascara

The ‘I do’s are often accompanied by a fair amount of tears, as is the first dance, so it’s best to prepare waterproof mascara formulas that won’t budge! When your makeup is finished, use a setting spray to keep everything else in place. Setting spray is an absolute must-have when you want your makeup to last all day and night.


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