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Wedding Dress With Sleeves-All You Need To Know!

When choosing sleeves for your wedding dress, take your body type, the amount of coverage and the design you want into consideration. Pick the sleeve length based on the type of wedding you have planned, whether it is a modern, vintage, or light and fluttery look.

Body type

Intricately designed sleeves draw onlooker’s attention to the upper torso, specifically to the arms, and away from the lower body. Therefore, dresses with long sleeves are a great option for if you’re not very confident with your hips and thighs. Long sleeves provide full coverage to the arms. So, reserved types of brides or brides with bigger arms may like the coverage that these gowns provide as it will enhance comfort and boost confidence as well.


Regardless of the season, a sleeved gown can make you look elegant. If it is going to be warm during your wedding, you likely do not want to wear a sleeve made of thick fabric due to the heat. There are dresses with illusion or tulle sleeves which are light and comfortable perfect for such weather.


There are many fabric options for a wedding dress with sleeves out there. Lace, chiffon and silk crepe are popular materials for sleeves, and your choice will depend on how heavy you want your sleeve to be. Lace is a beautifully light, breathable fabric, as well as Chiffon but the last gives a little more coverage. Silk crepe is probably the fullest coverage and the heaviest material.


· Capped sleeves: Capped sleeves only cover the top of your shoulder. Out of all sleeves, they provide the least coverage. Choose this sleeve if you are having a summer wedding.

· Short sleeves: Short sleeves provide a little more coverage than capped sleeves. You should choose this sleeve if you are having a spring or summer wedding.

· Three-fourth sleeves: The sleeve slightly extends to below the elbow, and is slimming. Three-fourth lace sleeves have a vintage touch, and they can be classic, without looking too old-fashioned.

· Long-sleeves: Either done in a narrow fashion, or else to loosely cover the entire length of the arm, long-sleeves are formal. Long sleeves are also a great choice for late autumn or winter weddings.

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