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Choosing a Winter wedding dress

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Winter weddings are ideal for brides. The season itself is a very romantic time of year, but it also has the benefit of allowing enthusiastic brides to plan an entire ensemble rather than just the gown! Of course, you need to put more consideration into a wedding dress that will keep you warm without taking away from your bridal appearance. But that is not difficult considering the vast assortment of gown designs available.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding dress for your winter wedding.

1. Try on gowns with sleeves. Winter means cold, even when indoors. Aiming to find a dress with sleeves makes the most sense. Many gowns offer chic sleeve options, including delicate lace or decadent fabrics. Gowns with sleeves are certainly less common, and you’ll make a major statement by choosing to cover up. Embrace the unique opportunities that come with a winter wedding!

2. Choose heavier fabrics. Airy, lightweight dresses are gorgeous, but a winter wedding calls for a more substantial dress. Luckily, many beautiful fabrics fall into this category. Not only will heavier dresses keep you warm while you’re outdoors, they’ll look much more seasonally appropriate than the thinner gowns. Wedding gowns in heavy silks, rich brocades, woven fabrics, and velvets create an elegant look while also keeping you warm. Combining heavier materials with layers of lace and sheers also help create interest, glamour, and sophistication.

3. Add a cape for sleeveless dresses. Saving the best winter wedding dresses outfits for last, winter bridal dresses with capes are the apex of fashion. You can then take it off for some of your photos and when you arrive at your wedding venue. This allows you to have one look at the ceremony and a completely new look at the reception.

4. Embrace ball gowns and full skirts. Big, full skirts were practically made for winter wonderland weddings. Adding more layers to your skirt can also add warmth and stylish detailing. Layers of satin skirts below your favorite lacy dress will keep you cozy while adding shape and movement to your gown. You’ll look like a princess on your big day, and your ball gown will insulate you from the winter weather.


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