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Spring Wedding Tips

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

There's something so special about spring weddings, from the abundance of flowers to the pastel colors to the gorgeous garden-inspired details. Not to mention, it's a season of welcome changes. Flowers are blooming, the weather is nothing short of perfect and love is certainly in the air! Before you start prepping for your event, it helps to read through wedding-planning tips that specifically apply to the season that you're marrying in. That's where we come in.

Here are some useful tips:

Choose Your Date Carefully

Between various holidays (like Easter) and other seasonal events (like Mother's Day), your guest's spring calendars might fill up with commitments fast. Choose the date of your wedding carefully to avoid major conflicts.

The Flowers

Everything's in bloom in the spring—a huge variety of stems are in season and easy to get, including peonies, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Mother Nature also supplies some of its most beautiful nontraditional décor during spring, like cherry blossoms, dogwood, wheatgrass, herbs and moss.

Floral-Printed Invitations

Your formal invitation suite is a guest’s first glance into your wedding-day decor. If you’re featuring one signature flower (or even a variety), consider including it on your invite in the form of an illustration, motif, or even as an envelope liner.

Select a Seasonal Venue

Embrace the beauty of the month that you're marrying in with a venue that showcases some of what it has to offer. You can choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor locations so that you’re good to go in case the weather has other plans for you. Pastel Palette

Certain shades lend themselves to spring—in fact, that might be why you chose the season! We're suckers for hues like this pink, but the possibilities go far beyond.

Fresh Cocktails

With temperatures rising, a pre-dinner cocktail hour with crisp, refreshing drinks are a great way to keep guests fueled and the party vibes fresh. White wine sangria garnished with fresh lemons and seasonal fruits is a simple signature sip for a loft party.

Find the Perfect Outfit

On your wedding day, the flowers don't have to be limited to your bouquet and decor—you can wear them on your bridal gown, too. From appliqué and embroidery to prints, there are many floral wedding dresses for every style and budget.

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