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Say Yes to a Red Wedding Dress

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

After years imagining your wedding day down to the last detail, it’s strange to picture yourself in anything other than white. But maybe is too boring for the wild woman inside you. Red is the colour of love. It symbolises romance, adventure, good luck, sunlight, and happiness in a wedding dress. It's an auspicious colour, and wearing it is said to bring you fortune and joy in your married life. But it also has a darker, sexier side that risqué brides will adore.

Reasons to choose a red wedding dress:

-Make a unique bridal statement! A red wedding will definitely make a statement and if you’ve opted for this striking hue, there’s no doubt you are one completely confident bride! If you’re the type of person who loves something unique and different and a white gown just won’t cut it for you, red is your choice.

-Red could just be your favorite color. It represents power, determination, and strength and you might love it just because of its meaning. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that your favourite thing is something you want to include in aspects of your life which in this case is incorporating your favourite colour into your wedding dress. You look perfect in red. Red might be the color that best accentuates your shapes, and if that’s so, don’t be afraid to show the inner you on the big day. It suits all figures and shapes, with all kinds of complexion, hair and eyes colors.

-By contrast to the traditional white or ivory shades, there are much more varieties for shades of red from bright reds such as scarlet to rose reds, coral reds or deep reds like wine red to burgundy. Whatever choice of red you pick, it will unquestionably head turning!

-The bold color is universally flattering and it opens up a wealth of new options for the big day.

-The perfect time to wear a red bridal gown is around Christmas and Valentine ’s Day.

This final choice isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re going for an alternative colour, you may as well go all out. The big question: are you still set on a traditional white gown, or have you been tempted by these fabulous red creations?

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