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Maternity wedding dress

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Planning awedding at any point in your life is no mean feat but planning a wedding while pregnant? That's one tricky task. The good news is, there's a wide variety of chic maternity wedding dresses available to choose from. You may think you won't have as many options as a non-pregnant bride, but there are actually lots of fashion-forward maternity wedding dress options out there. Whether your style is classic or modern, sleek or flowy, you'll be able to find a style that suits you and your baby bump. To help alleviate some of the stress that comes along with wedding dress shopping while pregnant, we provide some tips on finding the maternity wedding dress that's right for you.

When in doubt, size up! When you're a pregnant bride shopping for a wedding dress, timing is everything. That's because more than just your bump will grow. While there's no way to know what your exact size will be in one, three or six months' time, you can probably bet you'll be bigger on your wedding day than you are when wedding dress shopping(and that includes in areas other than your belly, including your arms and hips).

Look out for pregnancy-friendly silhouettes and fabrics. An empire waist gown (a dress that’s cinched under your bust) is a classic pregnancy wedding dress style that provides ample room for your baby bump. On the other hand, if you want a form-fitting dress that accentuates your bump, a mermaid or sheath dress is also a great choice. While you’re shopping around, consider comfortable fabrics like lightweight tulle and stretch jersey. But of course, you aren’t restricted to any one style or material—or to traditional bridal designs.

Don’t limit yourself. Just because you're expecting doesn't mean you should feel confined to only shopping for maternity dresses. Feel free to ditch the dress completely and opt for a bridal maternity jumpsuit or two-piece set that's just as chic (which you can also sport post-wedding).

Look for a style that makes you feel beautiful and like you. This is a prime opportunity to express your personal style, whether it's glamorous, bohemian, modern or vintage. Whatever kind of look makes you feel most like yourself on your day is available in a maternity wedding dress.

Your belly isn't the only thing that grows — your feet do, too. Since many future moms suffer from foot swelling it's important to take that into consideration when shoe shopping. Choose a stylish, yet comfortable kick with a lot of support and minimal heel height.

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