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Choose the perfect Bridesmaid Dress!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

You’ve started wedding planning, your bridesmaids have all said "yes," and it’s time to finalize those tricky details when it comes to what everyone will be wearing. Let's face it – choosing bridesmaid dresses for your squad is hard enough without factoring in your own bridal look. Your attendants probably all have different body shapes, style preferences and budgets, which can make bridesmaid shopping an absolute beast of a task. Read on for expert tips on how to shop for bridesmaid dresses without any controversy.


Choosing dress can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many colors and fabrics to pick from. From lace to chiffon to silk, there are endless options, and they give off a different vibe. If you’re having a casual wedding, stick to casual and low-key fabrics, such as chiffon. If you’re planning a lavish, elegant event, fabrics such satin, sequins and crepe have a more formal look.

Keep the formality the same

Your bridesmaid dresses should always match the formality of your gown. The bride’s wedding dress, along with the wedding venue, should dictate the formality of your event. To keep the formality the same, start by considering the length of the dresses.

Keep your style in mind

You should choose bridesmaid dresses with your wedding dress style in mind. Is your wedding dress style whimsical and romantic? Consider dressing your squad in bridesmaid dresses with flowy fabrics and ruffled sleeves.


Take your friends' various body shapes into consideration before selecting bridesmaid dress silhouettes. If your bridesmaids have an array of different body types and you're having trouble finding one dress that will work for all of them, consider picking a color or range of colors and allowing them to choose their own dresses.

Get Creative

When it comes time to choose bridesmaid dresses, don't be afraid to play around with unique prints and textures. Dress shopping for you and your girls should be a fun and interesting process!


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