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How to choose the best bridal cape

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Bridal capes are a modern alternative to a traditional veil!

Whether you choose a wedding dress with a cape or add one to your look, wedding capes have a show-stopping effect. Not only do they offer the same benefits as a traditional veil or train—such as the same stylish and romantic qualities —but they're also an effortless way to kick your bridal style up a notch. So you might wonder, " What style of bridal cape will work with my dress?". No worries, we have gathered some easy and helpful tips for you!

1. Style of the dress

The neckline and shape of your wedding dress are really quite important when deciding on a wedding cape. You will want your cape to look like it's made especially for your wedding dress and for everything to complement each other.

2. Color combinations

It is necessary to choose a cap based on the color and style of the bride’s dress. Often, young ladies pick up all the attributes separately. This is not very good, but if you have already chosen a dress, then you just need to pick up the rest of the elements. If your wedding dress is snow-white, then the cape itself should be of the same tone. Please note that even white has several tones and shades, so it is better to take a dress with you to the store when choosing a hood.

3. Length

For long tulle capes, you will ideally want your tulle train to be around 30-60cm longer than your dress train. Anything too much longer will look disjointed and out of place. If you're thinking of a long cape for your ceremony and you want to take it into the evening, there's an option to have your tulle train detachable from the capelet.

4. Materials

The most ideal options are:




Remember, the hood doesn’t have to look vulgar. As a general rule of thumb the more detailed your dress is, the simpler your cape should be. That doesn't mean to say you can't opt for beaded details, although you may need to refine and minimize them to certain areas.

Capes can also come in handy if you're planning a cold-weather event—they're a stylish way to keep warm. If you are thinking about a cape I say go for it! It’s your wedding day so why not be a bit extra? For this special day, you should feel free to wear whatever best reflects your personal style.


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