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Engagement Ring All You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Getting engaged is one of the most special and memorable moments in life. And the perfect ring is the cherry on top! However, with so many styles and designs out there, it can be hard to know what you should choose. What style of engagement ring is right for you? Timeless, vintage, modern? Do you want a natural diamond? If so, you'll need to consider the cut—round, radiant, oval, emerald, square, or marquise? We are sure that you have many questions and that’s why we made for you a guide to every engagement ring style.

1. Style


A solitaire is the most classic and traditional engagement ring style. Solitaire rings not only spotlight the center diamond beautifully but seamlessly complement every personality and style. Especially if you have a simple and elegant style, the solitaire is an excellent choice for you. It’s also the type of ring that stands the test of time and never goes out of fashion, so you know you’ll always love it.


Showcasing a cluster of smaller diamonds that creates just as much sparkle as one large stone, the cluster setting can be a true statement piece. For that reason, they are also called ‘illusion’ rings. That makes them a perfect affordable option for an engagement ring. Cluster diamonds are a great way to maximize the sparkle and brilliance without blowing your budget.


One of the most popular engagement ring styles is the halo. Featuring a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger, central diamond, the halo setting creates a style that is reminiscent of vintage engagement rings. A halo setting is a gorgeous way to set off a beautiful white diamond or help a more modest stone look larger.


An ideal choice for the romantics, three stone engagement rings are said to represent you and your loved one’s past, present and future. Trilogy rings are very versatile, depending on the size, type, and shape of the stones used. Most Three-Stone style rings have a large center diamond with two smaller flanking stones or three mid-size stones of equal size. A modern take on the trilogy style is to use a color gem as the center stone and accent it with diamonds.

2. Metal

Yellow Gold

One of the most precious metals, gold has long been a symbol of love, success and luxury. A beautiful golden color that does not rust, tarnish or corrode, gold is highly reflective and strong which makes it a perfect setting for a diamond. Yellow gold boasts the rich hue for which gold is famous, and its luster is beautiful.


The rarest of all precious metals, platinum is by far the most luxurious choice. Platinum is a naturally lustrous silvery-white, and because of its beauty and hypoallergenic status is a sought-after metal for jewelry. Platinum is the most secure setting for your diamond and looks beautiful in both contemporary and vintage styles.

White Gold

White gold is created by mixing yellow gold with white metal alloys such as silver or platinum. White gold is modern and contemporary and will show off your diamonds brilliantly.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a lovely alloy of gold and copper, with a lustrous blush-pink tone. Creating a beautiful, feminine color that is perfect for vintage styles, a rose gold engagement ring is perfect for those looking for something a little different.

3. Color- Clarity-Carat-Cut

The other main quality characteristics to decide are the color and clarity of your diamond. Although individuals vary in their ability to observe color differences, most people prefer a colorless or white diamond. Diamonds with less color are rarer. The clearer the diamond, the higher the value. Clarity refers to the diamond’s imperfections. The fewer blemishes that the diamond has, the higher the clarity grade. Diamond carat refers to the stone’s weight, which is a factor in its size. Larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones, so are generally more expensive. A diamond’s cut is the most significant of all of its features, determining how well it reflects the light and therefore how well it sparkles.

Navigate for further inspiration until you find the design that speaks to your heart!

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