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Create the perfect boho wedding decoration

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Planning a wedding can be a nerve-racking and genuinely joyful experience. If you’ve already started planning your wedding and your wedding dress style, we’re almost certain that you know how many wedding themes there are. If you are going boho for your wedding decor there is a wide range of options when it comes to design. The wild and free Bohemian aesthetic is like a fine wine that pairs well with an array of different styles. We have some fantastic bohemian decor ideas for brides that aren’t necessarily religious, but are spiritual and want to retain tradition and a connection to nature.

The beauty of boho wedding decor is that the rules are flexible and the execution is typically very budget-friendly. Soft and romantic with a poetic vibe and just slightly opulent, the bohemian wedding decor staples include earthy tones, natural elements, and airy materials inspired by nature and the outdoors.

Boho wedding location

As you may already know, a classic bohemian wedding takes place outdoors and is as close to nature as possible. Outdoor or rustic-type venues are a great option that can be less expensive than a traditional wedding venue. Boho style refers to an easy-going, free-spirited, and casual wedding. Any place where the beauty of nature shines will be perfect!

Bohemian Arch

The arch should have many bohemian features as possible to remain consistent with the rest of the décor. Some ideas are pampas grass and wooden or flower arches. You can also have Macrame. Macrame is a staple of the boho style. If you are a minimalist, this single item may be all you need for a stunning boho archway.

Opt for wooden board signs

Embracing everything that nature has installed for usage and making your dream day blushing with colorful indie vibes is what boho décor is all about. To replace all the paper signs with real, rustic wooden board signs for the menu, seat organizers, wedding greetings, and even cocktail bar signs.

Use natural elements

Taking a picture with guests is a must! Be creative and incorporate nontraditional elements into the backdrop. Think wood or reclaimed wood, stone, concrete or colorful mirrors. You will also make a unique statement if you place lush greeneries combined with some purple or blood-red flowers.

Bohemian wedding cake

Boho-chic cake designs, whether simple or extravagant, are always unique! The secret is in the whimsical styling accessories, warm colors, and flower buds that will make your cake a pretty statement!

Boho wedding bouquet

Wild and bright flowers, lots of greenery, feathers, ferns, and vines all together make the perfect wedding bouquet. The textures, levels, and colors – make a unique wedding bouquet to accent your look and overall the venue decoration!

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