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Bridal Capes - The New Trend

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Whilst wedding veils are the traditional accessory of choice for a bride many modern day brides are opting out. Just like the traditional white wedding dress isn't for every bride, not all women dream of wearing a wedding veil. The latest bridal fashion trend to take off combines new-age style with a romantic, regal twist: bridal capes are the modern alternative to the wedding veil. Not only do cape veils offer the same benefits of a traditional veil: visual interest, extra coverage, and an optional train, but they're an effortless way to kick up your bridal style up a notch. Whether you're getting married in the winter or summer we've rounded up the best bridal capes for every bridal style, season, and wedding dress silhouette.

Short Capes

If you've opted for a short dress then short capelets work perfectly with this kind of dress. Bring some dazzle to your wedding day by accenting a simple bridal gown statement cape. Make a statement in this chic cape that will enhance your wedding dress without overpowering it. A sleeveless caplet is a modern take on the cape veil and gives any timeless dress a contemporary edge.

Long Capes

You don't need a veil to float down the aisle — a romantic cape gives the same effect but with an unexpected twist. For long tulle capes, you will ideally want your tulle train to be around a 30-60cm longer than your dress train. Anything too much longer will look disjointed and out of place. If you're thinking of a long cape for your ceremony and you want to take it into the evening, there's an option to have your tulle train detachable from the capelet.

Draped Tulle Cape

For brides who don't want their shoulders or their dress to be covered, consider a cape that fastens at the shoulders. It acts more like a train than a cape!

Lace Trim Cape

For brides who love a traditional look, opt for a lace-trimmed capelet. It's just the right amount of detail to add to your dress, not detract from it. Keep accessories simple and classic.

For a traditional look, consider a lace-trimmed version. If you're throwing a modern event, a sleek cloak is your best choice. Believe it or not, bridal capes can even work in the context of a country wedding. Capes can also come in handy if you're planning a cold weather event - they're a stylish way to keep warm.

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