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Black wedding dress: The ultimate trend

They say every woman needs a little black dress, but what about your wedding gown? Black wedding dresses are totally trending, and we’re here for it! For decades now, brides have worn black wedding dresses but it's still rare to see everyday brides sporting the look. However, more and more brides consciously pick black bridal gowns because black symbolizes elegance, formality, modernity, and elite stature and shows the bride’s personality, preferences, and fresh attitude toward traditions.

In the past, the color black was perceived as a grim color and was associated with evil omens and darkness. But in today’s world, such superstitions have diminished, leaving black as one of the most popular colors for celebrations, festivities, and even weddings. Black gowns represent the bride’s distinct character and style and they are chic and dramatic.

What are the benefits of a black wedding gown?

1. A black dress represents different concepts than the white

It shows confidence, independence, strength, courage, power, mysteriousness, thoughtfulness, loyalty and many more.

2. You can wear it again

A HUGE benefit of wearing a black wedding dress is how easy this would be to wear again to a nice event, date night, or even a friend’s wedding! If you decide to spend a considerable amount of money on a clothing item, you should be able to wear it on many occasions

3. Black wedding dresses are friendly to any complexion, figure, hair color or age

Black is a classic and flattering color, we believe that most people already have some little black dresses in their wardrobe. For some special events, when you don’t know what color to wear, classic black is always a safe choice for most people, if you think black suits you well, we believe that you’ll fall in love with black wedding dresses too!

4. It photographs beautifully!

Black wedding dresses look absolutely amazing in photos.

5. They are formal and modern

Black dresses have become the symbol of modernism, leaving traditions behind and ushering in a new era of wedding fashion. They can also give the impression of being sophisticated and formal while remaining elegant.

6. Are easier to keep clean

A black wedding dress looks good throughout the entire wedding and you won’t be stressed that you might stain your dress.

In light of modernity, wearing black for their wedding to defy traditional norms might be what women are looking for to make a statement for themselves. Remember, the number one thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding is making it a day that reflects YOU.

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