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Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

The best wedding dress for you is the one that makes you imagine yourself at your best. Still, if you feel you need some help to decide, you may get some advice from the following directions.

1. For the Rectangle Figure:

This is often a body type with not many curves or usually an athletic body. In this case you usually try to create the illusion of more curves by choosing a dress that emphasizes your waist or high necks or cap sleeves to create an illusion of wider shoulders, smaller waist. Try lightweight, thinner fabrics such as silk.

2. For the Inverted Triangle Figure:

Inverted triangle types look best with a voluminous skirt. Focus on your slim waist by adding a belt or waist corset or focus the eyes on your trim legs with slit skirts.

3. For the Pear Figure:

We talk about a smaller chest and shoulders and wider hips. Draw attention to your shoulders. An easy way to pull eyes upward is with a high neckline collar that looks elegant or deep V necklines.

4. For the Hourglass Figure:

Here we have curves and choosing a mermaid gown is a perfect way to celebrate your curves. Dress that follow the natural and feminine contour of your chest, waist, hips before flaring out are perfect for your body type. If we talk about very rich bust then choosing an "one arm" neckline is also very flatterring.

Whether there is a styling rule or not for your body type, I would say choose to stress on your strong body parts focusing attention to them. Most important of all, is to feel beautiful when wearing your dream dress!

If you feel you need a personalized advice please contact us and ideally share a picture of you, so that our image makers can recommend several dress options. Until then, keep dreaming of your big day plans!

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