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Custom Bridal Atelier


Our approach is not the typical designer approach where the designer inspiration comes first. It is all about you and designs are created from you and with you with the help of expert dressmakers. Your wedding is an important moment for us, we stay close, we create personal relationship with you and are commited to your happiness.


Calliste means "the most beautiful' referring to a gorgeous nymph in the greek mythology. This is the inspiration behind Calliste Bride that exists to make you the most beautiful offering equal opportunities to all brides with zero compromizes. 

Compromises behind the Design, the Budget, the Fabrics, the Measurements, the Low Quality of service. We say no and provide solutions and 100% personalization. On top, we respect the environment reducing textiles waste to 0% that is one of the problems out of the fashion industry and we proudly support local female craft communities in the greek islands with exceptional & rare embroiderry techniques. 

Petra Kara is the Founder and lead Haute Couture Designer of Calliste Bride.

She usually says that she has lived 2 lives!

In her 1st life she grew as a business woman, she took Bachelor and Master Degrees in Business, Marketing and Industrial Management and gained a rich 17 years business experience in Greece and Switzerland holding Marketing Management and Consumer Research senior positions in P&G, the biggest FMCG multinational company globally. In parallel a passion for Haute Couture grew as a hobby, she studied Fashion Design & Production, Textile Design and Luxury Management while working and then this passion pulled her to her 2nd life getting reborn and growing as a creative fashion entrepreneur, finding inspiration by offering equal opportunities to the woman in her greatest moment - THE BRIDE!

Custom Bridal Atelier

100% Custom & Handmade       Worldwide Free Shipping      0% Fabric Waste

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